Children education

Children Education Plan

Provide sufficient funds for our kids education. To be more specific, it would be our children’s university education. For most, university education’s will be the next biggest expenses next to the home and car that we would buy. With the rising cost of tertiary education, many parents are concerned about whether they will be able to afford to send their children to university. That is why parents should start planning for their child’s university fund as soon as possible.

Note : All fees listed are estimates. These estimates do not include accommodation, food, travelling and books costs.

If a medical degree cost RM255,400 in the local private university today, in 18 years, it will come up to RM645,893 (assuming an education cost inflation of 5% per annum). If you have more than one children to fund through university, this figures will be even more startling.

The Solution:
Saving in our children education plan which offers at least 10% returns on saving but also offers complete protection at the same time, even before birth builds an education fund that will meet key educational milestones. With our children education plan, you can secure the best and give your child a complete education fund preparation.

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