Medical & hospitalization

Medical & Hospitalization Planning


At HLA, we understand your need to have the best medical treatment. During times like these, the last thing that you should worry about is the medical bill.

With coverage that lasts you up to age 100 , HLA MediShield II Rider  offers comprehensive medical coverage with no Lifetime Limit . It can be used as your primary medical coverage, or to complement the medical benefits provided by your employer, or even to supplement  any existing medical cover that you have. Depending on the deductible option chosen, you will enjoy huge savings on your insurance charges.

Key Features

•Comprehensive, long-term medical coverage

HLA MediShield II Rider gives you comprehensive medical coverage up to the age of 100. It is a complete medical plan that takes care of your medical bills without hassle upon admission to the hospital, and lets you focus on your recovery with peace of mind.

•No lifetime limit

With no lifetime limit, HLA MediShield II Rider will ensure that you are protected till age 100. However, there is an annual limit, which can always be increased with the purchase of the optional benefit Million Extra II.

•No Claim Incentive (NCI)

Increase your Overall Annual Limit by 10%  if you do not make an approved claim and do not have NCI in the past 5 years to mitigate the impact of inflation. You can enjoy this incentive for a maximum of 5 times .


*Medical coverage up 100 years old
*NO Lifetime Limit
*High Annual Limit – RM 2.12 million
*Hassle free admission
*Pre-Hospitalisation (within 90 days prior to hospitalisation)
*Post-Hospitalisation (within 90 days following discharge from hospital)
*Outpatient Cancer Treatment (inclusive of doctor’s consultation and related examination, laboratory
or diagnostic tests or any drugs prescribed)
*Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment (inclusive of doctor’s consultation and related examination, laboratory
or diagnostic tests or any drugs prescribed)
*Outpatient Physiotherapy Treatment (within 90 days from the date of Hospital discharge or Surgery)
*Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment (within 30 days following such emergency treatment)
*Emergency Accidental Dental Treatment
*Intraocular Lens (inclusive of multifocal lens) – Up to RM3,000 per Surgery per eye and RM6,000 per lifetime
*Traditional Chinese Medicine & Chiropractic Treatment – Up to RM1,000 per life time
*Home Nursing Care (up to 180 days per lifetime) – RM60/day
*Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation (Limit per event) – RM250,000
*Oversea treatment (RM250,000 per event & up to RM 2.5 million per lifetime)
*Tax relief – up to RM3,000 subject to the final decision of the Inland Revenue Board.

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